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SRCC 82nd Annual General Meeting, 2022

Dear Roadies,
You’re all invited to attend the 82nd SRCC Annual General Meeting, which has been resheduled for Thursday 19th May. Please be there promptly so that the meeting can commence at 7pm. There will be an open bar for beer/wine/softies while we meet.

SRCC 82nd AGM, 2022
When: Thursday 19th May, meeting commences at 7pm
Where: Downstairs at the clubrooms, Edwardstown Oval

SRCC Season 2021-22 Presentation Night

Friday 22nd April, 7pm.
Downstairs at the Edwardstown Club.

$20 entry per person includes: a pizza dinner, jukebox and karaoke along with lucky door prize. $50 for a family (immediate family).

Come and join us, bring your family and friends for a great night with your Roadies mates. We’ll recognise our player’s accomplishments for the 2021/22 season, have a few laughs, some good music and one or two off-key ballads thrown in for good measure. Hope to see you all there!

Announcing: SRCC Presentation Night 2022, and AGM Night

Dear Roadies,
Announcing the 2022 Presentation Night and 82nd SRCC AGM.

Presentation Night 2022
When: Friday 22 April at 7pm
Where: Downstairs at the clubrooms, Edwardstown Oval
Details to be confirmed.

SRCC 82nd AGM, 2022
When: Friday 29 April, meeting commences at 7pm
Where: Downstairs at the clubrooms, Edwardstown Oval

Please be there promptly so that the meeting can commence at 7pm. Further details to be confirmed.

2022 Mouse Cup – Run and Won!

Well Roadies, The Ray White Glenelg, Mouse Cup has been run and won!

On an exotic and balmy night at the prestigious Edwardstown venue four races were held in high anticipation of an evening full of suspense and drama. The drama came on fashions on the field, however more to that later!

SNAP Printing, Hot Press Handicap

In front of a small crowd that eventually “exploded” through the night, there were several strong contenders with Green Horn II being the early favourite, gaining top dollar with The Courier being late as usual, the best value in the field. Dionysus, still looking for cheese in the barriers and probably a wee bit tipsy, did not leave the barriers smartly, while Dinner For Two stopped just shy of the finish line trying to take a seat at his table. Green Horn II had a great start, however the ever-reliable Courier, on time whenever he can be, raced past Green Horn II and took the honours. We now had our first finalist for the owner S Club 77. Yes, that’s right, last year’s syndicate winners in the final again through smart, shrewd and astute buying.

MIDAS Golden Slipper

Well, I’d like to say this race was uneventful, but… After auctioning with Ol’Reliable being a gift as the cheapest mouse in the race and Winning Forever, Losing Never being bought by his trainer Caine at a very princely sum all contenders, the other two being George Santayana and The Hound, jumped up for the barrier draw. In something never witnessed before at the Mouse Cup, Cainye Long West refused to take his allotted barrier number and insisted on barrier 1, yelling “F%^K the spirit of Mouse Cup, I’m a winner give me barrier 1! This caused George Santayana to sing along in his high-pitched screech and the owner of The Hound started howling to the tune. At this point Ol’Reliable owners volunteered an honourable answer: “we don’t care about the barrier, take 1 but just shut George’s trainer up!” So this is exactly what happened and unfortunately Winning Forever, Losing Never, failed to finish under the expectations and much to the embarrassment of Cainye with Ol’Reliable limping to an easy victory over The Hound. Now we had two finalists.

SA Buzz Life Member Stakes

This race was one of the more controversial of the night! One mouse, Gone but Never Forgotten, was euthanised as he had his leg caught in the barrier by a starter who was prominent in Fashion on the Field, not mention names Matt Altus. Meanwhile Heat in the Street, Heat in the Streets, is still wondering the track somewhere looking for his now forgotten and euthanised partner. Anyway, the bargain basement buy was Blonde Beard The Pirate, who put up a strong showing for second place, however firm favourite through the bidding was The Champ and rightly so. The Champ started very dozily, however set a 1 metre track record at the end of the race, meaning he was just warming for his spot in the final!

ATOM Supply Edwardstown Derby

This was a much-anticipated race prior to the final. The track committee had heard big money was coming for one of the night’s favourites. This proved correct with the last mouse auctioned, The Arka-Mouse, going for a record on the night to the syndicate named ‘Bowls’, which ended up being the same syndicate (with slightly different names on the owners bill each time) to snap up 120BPM and John Daly, under alias syndicate names for moderate amounts. Unfortunately, when it did come to the race, Arka-Mouse appeared very dazed and somewhat drunk? So you can join the dots. This event proved to be lacklustre and not live up to the hype, however Pavarotti started singing early and was victorious still singing out of tune as he crossed the line on several occasions, as his trainer does, and then finished as the winner.

Fashions On The Field – The Catwalk

There were many entrants, some more than once, in this highly contested and famous catwalk event. We had everything from Gigantes Jockeys in attire way too small for their ever-expanding midsection, to modern Marilyn Monroe wannabee’s. This event was so hotly contested, the smoke alarms went off, twice!

After much scrutiny, involvement from the audience through hand clapping both fast and slow, it really came down to just two entrants. Matthew “Alluring” Altus and B, who had entered the event under no less than three alias and had several costume changes through the night. Both “models” and I use that term very lightly, made claims to being the new Mrs. Richie. WOW, you miss one event and everyone wants the mantle, so I apologise on behalf of all the candidates for their despicable actions trying to grapple to the top in the absence of the queen.

Anyway, with Allure Altus, as we now know him, gaining raucous applause from many in the crowd chanting “keep it on, keep it on”, Allure started to de-robe. At this point, with seemingly the crown his to lose, he did just that and retired from modelling effective immediately, meaning Miss B was inaugurated as the Mouse Cup Super Model 2022. When interviewed B was overwhelmed and thanked her stoic supporter, Eshan, stating “I knew I would win this by myself”. B attempted to gain Mrs Richie’s crown through several entries with a variety of entrants, including Eshan who she brushed for the final.

Now what we are here for The Rod Smitheram Ray White Finale

Well, the barrier draw was hustle, bustle, however when sanity took place the outcome was:

Barrier 1 – The Courier, and favourite if he is on time with a quick start.

Barrier 2 – The Champ, drawn tight so needed to get away quick to be any chance.

Barrier 3 – Ol ‘Relaible, seriously could he get through another race?

Barrier 4 – Pavarotti, all right, stop it already my ear drums are bleeding!

So, the mice were in, when Pavarotti’s trainer complained there was no national anthem from the 72 countries represented through mice, owner, and trainer heritage. This was quickly put to rest by Jake Marshall the mice steward on the night, explaining that quite frankly no one cared and please shut up, which all trainers then did and turned their attention to the track.

The race started, The Champ flew the lids, greyhound racing terminology folks, never got past a canter, disappointingly as a new track record was in sight, and easily won the night from Ol’Reliable, who had to be euthanised as the only micely thing to do to this mouse, from a fast finishing The Courier with the search party still out listening for Pavarotti. The margins were 24 lengths by a very short nose. In fact, the steward, Jake, was questioned whether Ol’ Reliable still had a nose, which led to the euthanasia event. The syndicate of The Champ, Parafield Parimutuels were ecstatic and rightly so, with 103 of them in the syndicate led by Devarsh Fadia, they were in for a big night spending their spoils once split! RK as usual had nothing to say, however Jainil was forth coming with thanking the trainer Nathan Ross, who has now set up a Mouse Cup record training two consecutive winners. Nathan later at the bar that night was heard to mutter, “Three in 23 for sure for me”. We are just unsure on whether Nathan meant the Mouse Cup or his best bowling figures for the season?

Anyway, for those that attended The Rod Smitheram Ray White Glenelg Mouse Cup, thanks to Rod and his team, it was another successful event! For those that couldn’t the next event is to wrap the Roadie’s Season Up with our Presentation Night on Friday the 22nd of April 2022. Please watch out for us on FB, stay engaged with Discord and of course all details will be on our website as soon as they come to hand.

DISCLAIMER: No mice were harmed on the night; however many punters’ wallets suffered some fatal injuries!

Yours in racing,
The Masked Mouse

Ray White Logo

Thankyou to Rod Smitheram Ray White Glenelg for sponsoring the Mouse Cup 2022

Mouse Cup 2022

Dear Roadies,

You’re all invited to a night of high stakes thoroughbred racing at its finest! 

When: Saturday 12 March 2022 at 7pm

Where: Downstairs at the clubrooms, Edwardstown Oval

Dress code: Race attire

Entry: $10 per person

16 Mice available for purchase, syndicates welcome. Four knockout heats will be run through the course of the evening, culminating in a winner takes all Grand Final. Form guides will be available on the night.


$800 Grand Prize for the Mouse Cup, Winner takes all!

$150 in prizes up for grabs in the “Fashion of the Fields” competition. In order to take part in the competition, punters will need to wear race attire impressive enough to catch the judge’s eyes and edge out their competitors.

Life Members & Old Boys Bowls Day 2022

ALL players past and present invited. Bring your friends or team up with your fellow Roadies and Old Boys to reach for glory on the bowling green, with a few frothies and tall tales on the side. You can nominate yourself or a team of 4 for the day.

When: Sunday the 13th of February, 10:00am. Please make sure you’re on time so we can sort out final teams and get going quickly.
Where: Edwardstown Club bowling greens
Entry: $40 per person includes BBQ lunch and all drinks (beer, wine, soft drinks) from the first ball bowled, to the last ball of the competition. Life Members free.

The bowls bar will be open downstairs for those who work up a thirst while competing for prizes and the winner’s plaque. Raffles will also be held during the event.

Please let us know if you’re coming by clicking the button below and filling out the form:

Sponsored by Snap Clovelly Park, 122 South Road, Clovelly Park, SA 5042
T: 08 8277 9468 E:

A Cracking Christmas Show

Last Saturday we held our annual Roadies Xmas show, which saw around 40 people in attendance. A number of those sported Christmas-themed apparel, although we’re not sure it met the night’s theme of ‘Ugly Christmas’. Standout on the night was Jake Bragg’s Xmas Suit.

After a great feed supplied by the facility, we had a special visit from Maltus Claus. All the nice boys and girls got some lollies, while all the bad boys got a spanking.

The evening also saw the drawing of the Roadies Xmas raffle, with the grand prize of a $700 travel voucher won by Nathern Ross, The Original Mrs Richie (Suman Samuel) taking the $200 voucher second prize, and Stephen Badger taking home a $100 voucher for third.

Braggy proved to be king of the meat winning both top quality Meat Your Needs meat trays, and our Master Blasters star Callum winning the door prize.

Overall a great night was had by all. Big thanks to everyone in attendance, including our life members, players, partners, and kids. Also a big thanks to our sponsor for the evening, Phil Hoffman Travel.

Wishing all you Roadies a great festive season and a greater New Year.

Roadies Christmas Show 2021

Saturday 18th December, 7pm
Upstairs at the clubrooms, Edwardstown Oval

SRCC would like to invite you to our annual Christmas Show. Bring your partner, family and friends to the club to celebrate the silly season alongside your fellow Roadies. 

There’ll be lucky door prizes, meat tray raffles, a few games, Ugly Christmas dress up (you know, something like the ugly Christmas jumper in the bottom of your closet), and dinner from the bistro with a choice of four options. 

There may also be a visit from Mr Claus himself! 

Entry is $20 for adults and $10 for children which gets you dinner and entry into the lucky door prize raffle! Let’s all get behind the event and send the first half of the season out with a bang.

Please RSVP as soon as possible to or message Phil on 0413 010 695 to let us know you’re coming so we can inform the kitchen.

SRCC Xmas Raffle 2021 will be drawn on the night

$5 per ticket, or 3 tickets for $10

1st prize: $700 Travel Voucher
2nd prize: $200 Travel Voucher
3rd prize: $100 Travel Voucher

To purchase raffle tickets before the night, click here: GET MY XMAS RAFFLE TICKETS

T10 Bash for Braggy

Dear Roadies, 

You’re invited to the inaugural T10 Bash for Braggy, where mixed teams will battle it out for Roadies glory while we support a worthy cause in memory of Will Bragg, the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation. All Roadies are welcome to the day, including past and Life Members, and you’re encouraged to bring family & friends.

T10 Bash for Braggy
Sunday 31st October, be there at 11:00am
$10 per player (includes $5 donation to the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation)

Please RSVP by 6.00 pm Thursday the the 28th of October, by filling out the entry form, together with the amount of guests you’re bringing:

Registration payments can be made via direct deposit to the SRCC bank account:

Account Name:    South Road Cricket Club Inc
BSB:    633000
A/C Number:    163270341
Reference:    T10Comp <Your Name Here>

To donate to the Cure for Brain Cancer Foundation directly, you can visit Will’s page here:

And like that, the season is upon us!

Dear Roadies,

I hope this correspondence finds you safe and well in these crazy times. Who would of thought in their lifetime they would see the global events that have taken place in their lifetime have a better crystal ball than I do!

Season Launch

After a few false starts, we will finally conduct the much awaited season launch this Friday the 8th of October at Edwardstown Memorial Services Club in the combined upstairs function rooms. As a committee we are committed to have dates finalised and published by the start of round two for all events. we recognise the need to improve timely communication.

Due to the ever changing council policies, we will be unable to offer meals and council will be staffing the bar, meaning we will not receive any revenue. I will speak to the group with an update on where we are at with council, needless to say we are the forgotten party in the new profit share scheme which we have opted out of.

Back to the night, it will kick off at 7.00 pm with a similar format to last season, however with a few “twists”. The night is designed to be a fast-paced semi-formal night with lots of fun and frivolity!


Again the launch will be sponsored by ATOM Supply and we already have engaged MIDAS as a major signage sponsor along with SA Buzz who will again be our on field shirt sponsor. Phil Hoffman Travel have also kindly sponsored us again this year (through Will Bragg), with a iPad to assist with scoring.

If anyone would like to become a sponsor, the packages are available on our website or please feel to speak with any committee member.

Vale William Bragg

It has deeply saddened the club, the unexpected and too early passing of our newest committee member Will Bragg. Will had always been an enthusiastic and passionate Roadie with this season embarking on assisting our club off the field. I personal enjoyed Will’s enthusiasm and intelligent dry-witted humour. I had the pleasure of captaining Will at times as well as watching him mature as an intelligent and respected committee member. Will’s coffin was made in the colours of SRCC, showing his commitment to our club to the end. I think it is safe to say Will was liked by all and will be greatly missed around the club. His banter, unlike some others, was always direct, amusing and intelligent. A minutes silence will take place at the season launch as well as announcing how we will be remembering and celebrating Will’s contribution to us all in round one.

Yours in sport,
Lionel Markwort.