South Road Cricket Club

South Road Cricket Club

Club History

Our club was formed as a social club in 1933, and continued as such until the 1940-41 season when it entered the Mid Southern Association.
The home ground was situated in the locality called South Road Estate, now known as Panther Park, and hence the name of our club was derived.

In the 1941-42 season the club joined the Adelaide Association as a result of the war causing the Mid Southern Association to go into recess. After only half of a season the Adelaide Association was forced in recess for the very same reason. In 1942-43 the club was affiliated with the Adelaide and Suburban cricket Association and still maintains a strong association with that body to this day. The club is proud of its two founders, the late Frank Gray and the late Bert Crowhurst who along with Darrel Rosser and Russell Wight, have all been honoured with Life Membership of the Association for their sterling efforts as club representatives and executive members.

In the 1948-49 season, a second side was entered in the competition, and a third side followed in 1953-54. A fourth side after two trial seasons in 1963-64 and 1968-69 was introduced as a permanent competitor in 1971-72 until the completion of season 1982-83. In 1975-76, we became the first club in the Adelaide and Suburban Association to appoint a professional coach, a policy adopted until 1977-78 and then re-introduced in season 1993-94. In 1977 the club went one step further and became an incorporated body, and henceforth, was entitled SOUTH ROAD CRICKET CLUB INCORPORATED.

Due to an insurgence of players the club committed itself to fielding two additional teams for the season 1978-79 and 1979-80, in the form of the Fifths, composed of juniors in the most part, and also the Cavaliers composed mainly of senior and past players over the age of thirty five. After two seasons however, the committee decided to return to fielding only four sides in an endeavour to field sides capable of winning premierships in their respective sections.

The club has used Edwardstown Oval since 1942, and we are most grateful to the Marion Council for their support provided over the many years.

In season 1988-89, club history was created when all four South Road teams made the finals for the very first time. The No. 1 team subsequently took out the premiership, after a lapse of fifteen years.

Season 1996-97, once again established South Road as the most successful club in the Adelaide and Suburban Association’s premier section. The No. 1 team capturing another premiership, ensuring it remains well clear of its rivals.

2007-08 saw a triumphant return to Section 1, by winning the premiership and in 2013-14 a repeat of 25-year history by four South Road sides making finals, picking up our first T20 premiership and the Section 2 title in the same year.